But don't you worry,cause you have my heart.



i cried about the eggs

we all cried about the eggs


i love that connor’s all quiet during interviews so the people assume he’s boring or whatever but  they don’t know that his screams could break windows lmao


so i made a crappy thing

It’s back


Whatever happens, you can always say that we were your little secret!


things to not show in school

  • weakness
  • emotions
  • a pack of gum

Shailene Woodley attends the MTV Movie Awards 2014


6 year old fan asks Sebastian a question.

dont you mean 6 year old fan asks 6 year old sebastian a question


So guys, at my school we have a senior, Hannah Wagernackle, and she has Down’s syndrome. Despite that, she is very popular, and on our cheerleading team. A few weeks ago, she asked James Maslow, from Big Time Rush, to prom through a video. The video has over 20,000 hits, and on Friday morning, he sent a response. Sadly, he could not make it to our prom because he would be shooting for Dancing with the Stars. Instead, he flew her and her mom and sister out to LA for an extended weekend with him. He took them to Disneyland, and she is coming with him to shoot DWTS on Monday and they are going to have their own special prom dance. I cannot believe this happened to one of us. Please share this story, Hannah’s story, to show that not all celebrities are douches to their fans.


greysmeme + [1/2] deaths - Lexie Grey